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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

General Information:

1. What Health Insurance Coverage do you take into consideration?
Anberry Nursing & Rehabilitation Center accepts a range different health plans. We also are part of Medicare benefit. Medicare benefit program. During this time, the majority of costs are covered. the final cost varies based on your specific health insurance policy. Below is a summary of general information on the costs and insurance coverage of our rehabilitation programs.
2. What do I have my Insurance include?
Each insurance plan has its own coverage benefits. While it is a good idea to discuss coverage through our billing department however, we strongly advise you to call your specific insurance company for a detailed explanation of the benefits you have.
3. What is Medicare?
Below is the pertinent information that pertains for Traditional Medicare. Be aware that there are an additional Medicare insurance plans available to you with distinct criteria from the Traditional program that are listed below. We suggest you contact your insurance company directly for more thorough explanation.
Traditional Medicare is an Federal Health Insurance Program for:
People who are 65 years old or older
Aged 65 and under with disabilities
People of all ages suffering from kidney disease that is end stage (permanent kidney failure that requires dialysis or a kidney transplant)
Traditional Medicare comprises four parts:
Part A (hospital insurance) A majority of people don’t have to cover Part A.
Part B (Medical insurance) the majority of people pay a monthly fee for Part B.
Part C (Medicare benefit) Private charge for services
Part D (Prescription Drugs Coverage)
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4. What is the criteria for me to qualify to be eligible for Medicare benefits?
Medicare doesn’t automatically provide the cost of nursing homes. To receive traditional Medicare benefits in a facility for extended care, the following requirements have to be met:
It is required to have a minimum of three (3) overnight inpatient hospital prior to admission. Admission to an extended-care facility should be made within thirty (30)-days after being discharged from the hospital.
You must meet the skilled-care standards as set by Medicare.
The maximum amount of days you can get Medicare benefits is 100. It is not guaranteed that you’ll receive ALL 100 of them. You must maintain an “skilled” level of care according to Medicare to be eligible for the Medicare benefits.

5. What is “Skilled” level of care refer to?
“Skilled” care, as defined by Medicare is care that requires the participation of rehabilitation or skilled nursing on an DAILY basis. The skilled rehabilitation and nursing staff comprises: Registered and Licensed Vocational Nurses, Physical Speech Pathologists, and Occupational Therapists.

6. What exactly does Medicare cover? Are there any other out of pocket costs?
During the time an eligible beneficiary is in a skilled nursing facility the following payment rules apply:
Traditional Medicare provides 100percent of your charges for the initial 20 (20) weeks. There is no requirement for additional insurance.
From the 21st to on the 100th day the daily rate of co-insurance that is adjusted each year by Medicare. The 2009 co-insurance rate is $133.50. Medicare will cover the remainder. It is important to note that your insurance company might cover this co-insurance amount. We recommend that you contact the insurance provider directly to find out more details.
If your insurance policy doesn’t provide coverage for the daily co-insurance then you are accountable for the amount. The facility will check any other insurance to be certain that the coverage is current.
In the event that there is no coverage for co-insurance the facility will need an immediate payment of the co-insurance rate. The amount is due by 21, the day you begin the Medicare benefits period. If you are eligible under Medical aid and the hospital is a participant with the State Medical Program, the co-insurance amount is payable by Medical However, the monthly amount for patient payments is still due.
Other costs out of pocket not covered by any insurance cover personal items like: Beauty/Barber service at the shop, meals for guests, renting of a television or telephone or wheelchair vehicle transportation.

7. What is Medicaid?
Medical is an State as well as Federally paid program, which helps those who are financially eligible to in paying for their nursing home expenses.
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Please note that you might be required to pay some of the costs for the nursing home stay called your patient pay amount, which is set by the California Health Department. California Health and based on your income per month.

8. Do Anberry Nursing and Rehabilitation Center accept Medicaid?
It is true that Anberry Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is a participant within Medicaid. Medicaid program. It is important to note that there are only a few beds. For more details on the availability of beds, you can contact the admissions office via (209) 357-3420, ext. 335.

9. What is Hospice Care?
The term “Hospital care” means “end of life care”. We have agreements with a variety of hospice providers within the region and provide a tranquil atmosphere and trained personnel to assist you in implementing your Hospice care plan. We recognize that this is an extremely difficult moment for everyone involved.


Admission procedure:

10. Please explain how I was admitted to your hospital. After you have been admitted into the hospital A discharge planner will talk with you regarding your rehabilitation plans. In this instance, you’ll be required to inform the discharge planner what facility you prefer to go to for your rehabilitation or therapy.
How can you request my personal information to examination? Our Admission Coordinator will be in touch with Hospital discharge coordinators to look over the medical information you provide.


Service and Care available:

11. Are your Certified Nurse Aides certified and licensed?
Yes, nurses can be licensed under the state and C.N.A.’s are certified.

12. Do you take Alzheimer’s patients?

13. How many days per week do you provide therapy? What is the average number of hours per day?
Our therapists are present in the facility 7 (7) seven days a week. Each patient is assessed individually at the time of admission to determine your individual program of care. Therapists determine the amount of therapy you receive based upon your diagnoses, doctor instructions, and abilities.

14. How often am I in therapy? And how do I lengthen my sessions?
On the day of admission or within 24 hours, the therapy department will conduct an assessment of your therapy using the data provided from the institution, family members members and you. The department will conduct a an extensive individual evaluation of your. The assessment will help determine the therapy plan that is most suitable for you. The typical therapy session for patients is between 4-7 days per week. Therapy sessions last between 30 and 60 minutes.

15. Do you have a doctor on staff?
No. There are a few doctors who work on site every day and are able to attend to your medical requirements. Additional physician services offered by ancillary physicians include: Physical Podiatry Dental care, Eye Care Treatment, Pain Management and Psychiatry.

16. My doctor can visit the facility to visit me?
Your private physician may treat you. But your physician is required to comply with the state and federal, as well as facility Federal laws regarding the care of physicians in a nursing facility. This can be a challenging job for a doctor who is not a regular visitor to nursing home patients. It could cause inefficiency and thus is not always in the best interests. So, we have many doctors that we have a contract with who are readily available and offer excellent medical care. If you still prefer to see your own physician in one of our locations We ask you to let us know about this arrangement to determine whether your physician will be following your instructions.


The first day you are in care

17. What will occur on the moment I’m admitted?
On the day you are admitted nurses will be evaluating the patient. They will conduct a simple assessment to assess your situation at the time of admission. Within 24 hours of your admission you will be assessed by the therapist department to assess your abilities and objectives. These assessments are individual and will establish your personal program of care. Also, on the day of admission the Admissions office will require the family members or you members to complete the registration procedure. The paperwork has to be completed at the facility you prefer. It is recommended to allow 30 minutes to complete this process. The Admissions office will require an original copy from your insurance documents or prescription drug card, Medicare and Medicaid cards as well as a Power of Attorney (if applicable).

18. What personal items should I take to the airport in case I am admitted?
Be sure to pack the appropriate clothing. Wear comfortable clothing together with a pair of shoes that are sturdy. The department of therapy will determine your requirement for a walker or wheelchair while you are there and will provide you with one if you require.

During your stay:



19. Do I have to carry my own prescriptions from the comfort of my home?
No. The facility will purchase all your medicines direct from the pharmacy contracted. The hospital where you’re being discharged will supply the facility with an inventory of the medication you take. The doctor who is who is assigned to your treatment will be contacted regarding admission instructions and your medication are retrieved by the pharmacist.



20. What are the opening hours for visitors?
The hours of the front lobby for Anberry Nursing and Rehabilitation Center are 8:00am to 8:00pm every day. However, we suggest that your guests come to you between the hours of 12 noon to 8:00pm, this way you’re dressed for the day and breakfast is served.

21. Children are invited to come?

22. Do you allow your pets to visit?
Yes. Pets should be in good behavior and on leash.


Meals and Dining:

23. Can I choose the menus I want to use?
The menus we offer are prearranged there are alternatives offered at both dinner and lunch. After you’ve been admitted to our establishment, a Dietary Representative will meet with you. Make your specific food preferences, allergies and general preferences for food known. This will inform that the Dietary Department what types of food items you prefer. All efforts will be made to satisfy your preferences regarding diet.

24. My family can eat together at the same time as me in the restaurant?
Yes. Anberry Nursing & Rehabilitation Center offers guest meals which can be purchased at a cost that is $3.25 for each meal. Only the person who is resident or responsible is able to charge the meal to your room. It is suggested that you bring your request to the reception desk in front of you at minimum at least two (2) hours prior to the time when the meal starts. The meal will be offered in the privacy of your hotel room, or in the dining room.


Services and activities that aren’t medical:

25. Do you have an option for a laundry service?
Yes. We provide laundry services to help you save time. We label all clothing that is personal to you and request that the items are made of wash-and-wear fabric (no dry-cleaning). It is important to note that while we provide the service of washing your clothes, you may choose to let your family members do your laundry on their own.

26. Do I have a TV or phone within my bedroom?
Yes, on the short-term side. Long-term care facilities may let their families bring in a small television from home.

27. What types of activities do residents get to participate in?
Anberry Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has a array of different activities that range from bingo to Arts and Crafts to live entertainment.

28. Have you got a podiatrist dentist, or eye doctor?
Yes, ancillary doctors are readily available and psychiatrists are also available.


Living arrangements for roommates:

29. Do I have another roommate of the same kind?
We try our best to give rooms to individuals who are compatible.