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Can Adderall Cause A Panic Attack?

As you know, a panic attack is when a person feels it is difficult to relate to an external environment. A person feels fear, an intense heartbeat, sweating, and trembling. A panic attack is a severe fear situation, so it is a very dangerous and terrible feeling, and Adderall is taken Adderall like tablets. Many People generally ask if Adderall can cause a panic attack, so below you will get proper information about that.


Adderall is a tablet that generally contains amphetamine, which is a highly potent stimulus. It is mainly used for the treatment of conditions like ADHD and narcolepsy, in which difficult focus for a person is taking place, so when a person finds difficulty maintaining his focus on a specific thing, doctors diagnose him with ADHD-like conditions and then prescribe this tablet to you.

Adderall Effect On CNS Cause Panic Attack

Adderall is a tablet that generally effects our central nervous system. There are many side effects on our body, similar to heart attacks and other strokes as well so panic attack is an anxiety situation. Sometimes, Adderall raises our blood pressure a lot, so we do it to raise blood pressure. Yes, Adderall can cause panic attacks and other reasons as well. Still, in minor cases, it is not a commonly caused condition due to Adderall.

Can We Recover From Panic Attacks By Skipping Adderall?

Yes, panic attacks are stopped when you stop taking Adderall in your regular dosages because panic attacks usually happen when there is a lot of anxiety situations are created in your environment and your body as well, so when you take Adderall, some neurochemicals like dopamine and norepinephrine, in early sometimes a rush of cortisol hormone will increase when we take Adderall as a side effect as well.

Panic Attack As Adderall Side Effect

You may feel like a panic attack is happening as you think a lot and are irritated all the time, so this discomfort takes place when you take Adderall. By tablet, you will feel panic attacks and panicky feelings as well all day sometimes, and taking Adderall increases hyperactivity and hypersensitivity, as well, so these feelings may generate a sense of panic attack.

How To Treat Panic Attacks By Taking Adderall?

Panic attacks can be stopped by skipping dosages of Adderall, but there are many ways in which you can treat your panic attack with Adderall, and the following ways are really helpful for you:

Contact Your Doctor Immediately.

If you feel panic attacks a lot due to taking Adderall, you can contact your doctor immediately. He will further tell you if you want to skip the Adderall dosages or what to do next so these side effects can be stopped by skipping and lowering Adderall dosages.


Psychotherapy is also an option because psychotherapy is mostly used for the treatment of anxiety, panic attacks, and other mental health disorders as well. The most common psychotherapy is CBT. You can use this therapy for the betterment and treatment of panic attacks if they are not going without the Adderall dosages skipping, so you can use this therapy as well, in which you can correct your cognition and behaviors, so this will help you a lot.

Can Adderall Over Those Cause Panic Attacks?

Yes, it is obvious that when you take high dosages of Adderall, it causes different side effects. So, by taking high dosages of Adderall, there is a high chance that you are getting panic attacks or develop some mental health disorders as well. Hence, it isn’t good for you. There are different types of techniques by which you can control your panic attacks and panic disorder. Well, sometimes, there are different types of disorders generated due to frequent panic attacks in a person. The disorder is named as panic disorder. You can treat your panic disorder by lowering all those that cause high dosages, and overdosing is very dangerous for this potent tablet. It may cause other side effects as well as a panic attack.

What Two Precautions Can We Adopt To Prevent Panic Attacks By Taking Adderall?

There are different types of techniques you can use to prevent panic attacks by taking Adderall. The following are the most common things that are helpful in your daily life when you are on Adderall dosages and want to protect yourself from panic attacks.

Drink More Water

Water is very necessary, and drinking water as part of your regular diet will help you get the extra substances from the Adderall tablet in your blood to pass out through urine, which will help you damage the tablet and prevent panic attacks.


Exercise is also a good option because when you take Adderall and exercise, your body’s toxic waste levels through your sweat will increase. Your body will detoxify itself from harmful chemicals that are stored in your blood by taking potent substances and stimulants like Adderall, so it will help you a lot to treat panic attacks. In conclusion, you have the proper answer to the question of whether Adderall can cause panic attacks and have the skills to deal with them.

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