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How Much Protein Is In A Pork Chop?

Do you also need a protein-rich source? Are you also here to know the amount of protein a pork chop contains? Let me tell you the reality of it.

Yes, a pork chop is considered a protein-rich source. An average 100 grams of pork chop contains around 24 g. This amount of protein can also vary depending on several factors, like cooking style, size, etc. We will share the average amount of protein in all of these types.

Reading this detailed article will enable you to understand the protein content in all kinds of pork chops. Moreover, we will also share its health benefits. Let’s check out its details.

Different Types Of Pork Chops And Protein In Them

There are multiple types of pork chops, and the amount of protein varies based on their type. The factors that differentiate the amount of protein include the size of the pork chop, whether they have bones or are boneless, and their method of cooking. Let’s check them out according to some of the reputable cooking options.

Broiled Or Baked Pork Chops

The first ones we have are broiled or baked pork chops. It is one of the most delicious types. It is liked a lot by most people.

Size and type of Pork Chop Protein (g)
1 small/thin cut 13.27
1 medium 24.38
1 large 35.49
4 oz with bone 23.84
4 oz boneless 30.72

Broiled Or Baked Breaded Or Floured Pork Chops

The next one we have is broiled or baked breaded chops. These are also known as flavored pork chops. These are made with a handful of ingredients and have a flavorful taste.

Size and type of Pork Chop Protein (g)
1 small/thin cut 13.86
1 medium 25.15
1 large 36.95
4 oz with bone 26.69
4 oz boneless 29.10

Fried Battered Pork Chops

The next one on our list is fried pork chops. It is made up of a crispy golden batter. It has a very crunchy taste. Let’s take a look at the amount of protein in it.

Size and type of Pork Chop Protein (g)
1 small/thin cut 11.89
1 medium 21.96
1 large 31.79
4 oz boneless 25.93

Fried Breaded Or Floured Pork Chops

The next type is fried breaded or floured pork chops, which are coated in a seasoned flurry. These chops have a crunchy exterior with juicy and flavorful meat in them.

Size and type of Pork Chop Protein (g)
1 small/thin cut 11.08
1 medium 20.46
1 large 29.62
4 oz with bone 19.61
4 oz boneless 24.17

Smoked Or Cured Pork Chops

Smoked or cured pork chops are also a popular type of chop. These are infused with rich, smoky aromas. It is a combination of savory depth and tender texture.

Size and type of Pork Chop Protein (g)
1 small/thin cut 9.40
1 medium 17.16
1 large 25.13
4 oz with bone 17.98
4 oz boneless 23.17

Stewed Pork Chops

Stewed pork chops are also a delicious type of chop. These are slow-simmering. These are very flavorful. It contains a comparatively high amount of protein as compared to others.

Size and type of Pork Chop Protein (g)
1 small/thin cut 13.62
1 medium 24.78
1 large 35.94
4 oz with bone 23.96
4 oz boneless 30.88

Popular Pork Chop Cuts (4 oz with bone broiled)

The last one is a popular pork chop cut. It contains the highest amount of protein. It is a quintessential classic. It is a combination of meat and bone and is very juicy.

Size and type of Pork Chop Protein (g)
Center Loin 32.54
Center Rib 32.63
Loin Blade 25.47
Sirloin 30.20

Benefits Of Pork Chops

Pork chops are a very rich source of protein. But alongside protein, these have some other benefits as well. Let’s take a detailed look at some of their prominent health benefits.

Quality Protein Source

Pork chops are a quality protein source. These provide essential amino acids necessary for various bodily functions. These amino acids help in muscle growth, repair, and maintenance. These can help you achieve your physical fitness goals. These are a nutritious option for any meal.

It Helps With Weight Loss.

A balanced pork chop diet can also help with weight loss. It is because of its satisfying properties. These also help you regulate your appetite and promote feelings of fullness. This results in reducing your overall calorie count. .

Full Of Vitamins

The last and most important benefit is that these are full of essential vitamins. They are particularly rich in B vitamins such as B6, B12, and niacin. These play a very important role in metabolism, energy production, and maintaining a healthy nervous system. These vitamins also support your immune function and promote healthy skin as well.

Final Words

Pork chops are red meat, and you can easily cook them. An average pork chop contains around 24 grams of protein. This average chop weighs around 100 grams, contains bone, and the cooking method is broiled.

If you want to get the highest amount of protein, then go for popular pork chop cuts (4 oz. with bone broiled). Moreover, it is also full of essential nutrients like selenium, iron, and zinc. Remember to cook properly because undercooked or raw pork can also cause foodborne problems.


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