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Paradoxical Insomnia Sleeping All Night – Causes and Treatment

Paradoxical Insomnia is when you feel like you are not sleeping all night, even when you sleep, and this is just a perception that you are running out of sleep. Your sleep is not normal, and you always feel awake, so you’re not to have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. So this is all in your mind; still, you are sleeping, so after that, you may feel not fresh and tired all day in the morning. However, your perception of sleep does not match the actual measurement of sleep that you took last night in paradoxical Insomnia.

Sleep Device For Paradoxical Form Of Insomnia

A sleep device or study that helps you track your sleeping patterns all night is a paradoxical form of Insomnia. It is just a state of misperception of sleep and is also known as the absence of Insomnia. Paradoxically, Insomnia is a very dangerous condition nowadays because many people are suffering from it. They think, for some reason, that they have not taken the proper sleep, so their brain activity and psychological levels are much lower than those of people who have Insomnia. They feel like their feelings are just like those of people who have Insomnia.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of Paradoxical Form of Insomnia?

There are different types of symptoms and Paradoxical forms of Insomnia that a person can feel similar to an insomnia patient. The patient feels like he’s having this, so the most common symptoms of the Paradoxical form of Insomnia are the following:

  • It’s just like feeling like you are awake most of the night, and you don’t have your actual amount of sleep, and your sleep is just miserable.
  • Feeling a lot of Un freshness and tiredness in the morning
  • Having a lot of trouble falling asleep or waking up
  • Having a lot of constant thoughts about how your sleep is ruining
  • More daytime sleeplessness and feeling sleepy all-day
  • I am having trouble working all day and thinking my sleep is incomplete.
  • Being constantly aware of your surroundings while trying to sleep and being active while sleeping

A paradoxical form of Insomnia can be very frustrating and disruptive at that moment. It can affect your mental and physical health a lot, and you see, there are many situations. This form of Insomnia affects a person’s life a lot.

What Are The Causes Of Paradoxical Forms Of Insomnia?

The paradoxical form of Insomnia has different causes, but the most common causes are unclear. Different environmental and other brain factors are involved in the real cause of the Paradoxical Insomnia.

The Brain Remains In A Hyperactive State.

A hyperactive state is when your brain remains active, so you cannot sleep at night because your brain activity is very high, making you feel awake. Because of your surroundings, it may make you assume you’re awake.

Fear Of Insomnia

If you had a fear that you were going to have Insomnia, or if you watched a patient daily that he had Insomnia, patterns are developing in your brain of not getting Insomnia and fear of it, so in case you used to think that you were having that kind of Insomnia. You were awake, but in your perception, you don’t have this, so this might be a major cause of a paradoxical form of Insomnia.

Sensitive To Noise And Light.

When you are very sensitive to light, you have difficulty falling or staying asleep, which causes a lot of noise in your environment. This may cause and promote wakefulness, and people may feel that when they’re sleeping due to the light in their environment, they may be in an active brain state.

What Are The Most Common Treatments For The Paradox?

The most common treatments for Paradoxical form of Insomnia include medications.


Medications are helpful in the whole treatment of any psychological cause because conditions like paradoxical kinds of Insomnia are not actual. After all, it is just a thought for treating these medications that help improve your mood and overall sleep. Hence, some medicines that have antidepressants or some benzodiazepines help you to get a proper amount of sleep when you have Insomnia, so when you have a proper amount of sleep and deep sleep, there will be difficulty getting awake, and you have fewer thoughts of Insomnia.


Psychotherapy is also commonly used for such diseases as the Paradoxical form of Insomnia. In this condition, our sleeping patterns are not properly maintained, and the person’s perception is that his sleep is not well, so to correct the thought, we use a form of psychotherapy known as cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy has to alter how a person thinks and feels about his thoughts and treat the paradoxical thoughts that he didn’t fall asleep properly, so correcting the pattern and behavior of sleeping helps to eliminate this condition.

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