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What Is Adhd Combined Type? Symptoms and Treatment

Are you experiencing symptoms of both inattentive and hyperactive/impulsive type of Adhd? Or your kid has been diagnosed with Adhd combined type, and you want to know what it is and how to treat it?

Attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder (ADHD) is divided into types mainly where inattentiveness is considered as one type, and hyperactive or impulsive are both considered as the second type. When there are six or more symptoms of both kinds of Adhd in someone, it is regarded as an Adhd combined type.

Upon finishing this article, you will know everything from causes to treatment of Adhd combined type. We have also shared practical tips to deal with this kind of Adhd at the end. Keep reading as we start by looking into the risk factors of this disease.       

Risk Factors

There has been no medically proven cause of this type of Adhd, but there are some factors that may play the role of risk factors and increase your chances of getting infected. Here are some of the notable risk factors;

  • Genes: Although unnecessaryit, studies have linked Adhd development with genes. This study published by JAMA Psychiatry claimed several genes can make you more prone to Adhd.  
  • Environment: Your environment can also play a role in causing Adhd. Environmental factors like toxins may also cause a higher risk of Adhd.
  • Head Injury: The following risk factor of Adhd is severe head or brain injury. This traumatic experience can also be the reason for Adhd.
  • Mother’s smoking addiction: If you are pregnant and you smoke or use recreational drugs, then your unborn child’s risk of suffering from Adhd increases.
  • Premature Birth: The sudden birth of a child or being born with a deficient weight can also cause Adhd combined type.

These were all the risk factors of combined Adhd, but what happens when these factors lead you to his illness? You develop specific symptoms, which is our next heading.

Symptoms Of Adhd Combined Type

Adhd combined type symptoms are the same as Adhd, but these are a combination of both incentive and hyperactivity/impulsive symptoms. You will feel six or more symptoms of both types of Adhd. Let’s check out the symptoms of both types to see what possible signs you can develop.

Inattentiveness Adhd Symptoms

Here are the symptoms of the inattentive type of ADHD.

  • Difficulty in following instructions
  • Easily getting distracted
  • Not listening when they are being told or given instructions
  • Forgetting events
  • Unable to complete their assignments or tasks

Hyperactive/Impulsive Adhd Symptoms

These are the symptoms of the Hyperactive or impulsive type of Ahd.

  • Unable to stay still.
  • Consistent talking
  • Can’t listen to others
  • Difficulty in focusing or paying attention
  • Changing positions
  • Fidgeting
  • Unable to weigh in the queue
  • Always on the move like a super-active


If you have been diagnosed with Combined Adhd, there are two main treatment options. The first is the medications, and the second is therapies. Let’s take a detailed look at these treatment methods.


If Adhd is affecting your routine majorly, then you would need medications. Medications for combined type Adhd are of two kinds: stimulant and no stimulant. Antidepressants are also prescribed for this type of Adhd as an off-label medication. However, researchers have also linked antidepressant drugs with high suicide rates in Adhd patients.

So, the best way to use Adhd medications is to use them according to the doctor’s prescription. Be patient while taking these medications because these may take time to show results and sometimes not work.


The second treatment of Adhd combined type is therapies. There are different types of medicines. These therapies include cognitive behavior therapy, psychotherapy, and parent training. Therapy helps in the improvement of a lot of things, which helps you in reducing symptoms of Adhd. Here are some of the prominent qualities among them;

  • Social skills
  • Coping skills
  • Motivation
  • Increasing self-esteem
  • Setting your routine
  • Positive self-image

Tips To Deal With Adhd Combined Type

You face a lot of problems in your life when dealing with Adhd combined type. These affect the daily life of both kids and adults. Here are some practical tips from our side to ease the lives of patients with Adhd combined type.

For Kids

Here are some practical tips for kids suffering from Adhd combined type;

  • Make a routine for managing school and other tasks.
  • Make advance changes if needed.
  • Reward for following proper schedule or rules.
  • Limit distractions for kids with Adhd during their studies.
  • Build a positive environment.

For Adults

Here are some helpful tips that will ease your life as an adult who has Adhd combined type.

  • Make a routine and follow it.
  • Please list tasks and keep following them according to their priority.
  • Set reminders (These may be information on alarms, etc.)
  • Break down your tasks into mini-tasks and work on them individually.

Final Words

Adhd combined type is a combination of hyperactive and inattentive type of Adhd. It is worse than typical ADHD, but you can manage it with different treatment programs. Additional lifestyle tips shared at the last will also help you during the journey to treat it.

Remember, it is a condition that can change the course of your life by affecting you in different ways. So please consult your doctor when you feel you are suffering from it. Remember to avoid the risk factors if you want to keep yourself safe from this disease.


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