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Can You Take Xanax While Pregnant?

Are you a pregnant woman who is going through anxiety and wondering whether Xanax is safe for you or not? Or are you already taking it and want to know whether you can continue it or not during your pregnancy?

No, you cannot take Xanax while pregnant. It is a category D drug for pregnancy, so you should avoid it. The best way is to consult your doctor and find a solution. Below, we will understand all about it and its potential concerns in detail. 

Having worked your way through this article, you will know all about Xanax and pregnancy in detail. We have also shared the best possible alternatives to use instead of Xanax at the end. Keep reading till the back so you don’t miss out on anything because it’s a sensitive topic that will ensure your and your child’s safety.

Is Xanax Safe During Pregnancy?

Xanax is not entirely safe to use during pregnancy or any other sensitive condition like breastfeeding. It is because there are a lot of potential concerns associated with its use, so you should avoid it. It is a category D drug for pregnancy, which means it’s unsafe. It has different impacts during different stages of your pregnancy. Let’s check out their details.

During The First Trimesters 

Xanax usage during the first trimester of your pregnancy poses the risk of congenital disabilities in your baby as it is the time of the formation of your baby in your womb. These congenital disabilities may include the look of your child, development, and functioning. So, you should be careful and act upon the doctor’s advice to use Xanax or any other benzodiazepine during this period.

For The Second And Third Trimesters 

There are also some potential risks of Xanax abuse during the second and third trimesters of your pregnancy. It can affect your baby by building addiction or tolerance to the medicine in the mother’s womb. So, when they are born, they may reflect withdrawal symptoms.

Although it rarely happens, there is a risk it may happen. Breathing, eating problems, and weak muscles are also associated with Xanax usage during this period. So, Xanax is not entirely safe to use in any period during your pregnancy.

Associated Risks of Taking Xanax During Pregnancy

Xanax is a sensitive medication, and it can pose certain risks when used during pregnancy. Understanding these risks is crucial for your safety if you are pregnant or planning to be one. Here are some significant potential side effects of using this drug during pregnancy.

Congenital Disabilities

The first significant risk that we are going to look at is the increased risk of congenital disabilities in infants. Some studies have even proved the link between parents using benzodiazepines like Xanax and the incidence of congenital malformations among newborn babies.

These disabilities might include heart defects, cleft lip or palate, limb abnormalities, and other structural anomalies. Although the reason behind it or the direct relationship between the two has not been found, there’s a chance it may happen.

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (Withdrawal)

The following severe threat is neonatal abstinence syndrome. It is withdrawal symptoms due to being exposed to certain substances in the womb, including benzodiazepines like Xanax. My common symptoms include irritability, feeding difficulties, tremors, seizures, and problems with sleeping.

Seek immediate medical help in case anything like this happens. It requires special care and attention from expert doctors. It can cause prolonged hospital stays. That’s why you should not use Xanax while pregnant or use it carefully.

What To Do If You Are Already Taking Xanax Before Pregnancy?

If you are an anxiety patient who is already taking Xanax before pregnancy, you should consult with your doctor and explain to him your situation. He will analyze it and give you his suggestions accordingly. There may be no changes or some changes in dosage. He can even prescribe you using Xanax alternatives.

Alternatives Of Xanax

There are several anxiety treatment methods that a doctor may suggest for you for anxiety instead of Xanax during your pregnancy. It is to ensure your and your child’s safety. Here are some safe alternatives that you have suggested instead of this medicine.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Using selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) like escitalopram (Lexapro) and fluoxetine (Prozac).
  • Other Class C medications

Final Words

No, you cannot take Xanax while being pregnant. It can be a potential danger for you and your child. So it’s better to avoid it. It would help if you never used it unless you are prescribed by an experienced mental health doctor who is very familiar with your condition.

If you are already using Xaanx, don’t stop its usage suddenly without consulting your doctor. It may cause severe withdrawal symptoms. The best solution to treat your anxiety during pregnancy is finding a safe replacement for use, like CBT, and then applying it. Ensure the replacement you have decided is safe and effective in dealing with your anxiety.

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