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Types of Insomnia and Their Details – Treatment Options

Do you also find yourself staring at the ceiling often for a long time or struggling to stay asleep and unsure what type of Insomnia you might be experiencing? No need to worry because we will talk about it in detail.

There are different types of Insomnia. These types are divided based on other factors. These factors include the cause, duration, and symptoms you feel during it. Here, we will talk about all types in detail. Diagnosing the correct kind of Insomnia is essential for its effective treatment. 

This comprehensive guide will enable you to diagnose the type of Insomnia you suffer from. Stay with us till the end so you can experience these types and how to treat them.

Insomnia Types Depending Upon Its Cause

The first type we will discuss is divided by the reason that causes it. These are the widely known types of Insomnia. These factors are divided into two kinds. Let’s check out the details.

Primary Insomnia

It refers to the fact that your Insomnia is not caused or influenced by any health condition or problem you face.

Secondary Insomnia

Secondary Insomnia means you have this condition due to any health condition or substance use. Health conditions may include asthma, chronic pain, diabetes, overactive thyroid, cancer, heartburn, etc. It is also known as comorbid Insomnia.

Types of Insomnia Depending Upon Its Duration

We will see the following classification of Insomnia based on the duration it lasts. It is divided into three types in this case. Let’s check out these three types.

Transient Insomnia

The first type is transient Insomnia. It is the shortest duration of it. This type of Insomnia lasts less than one month. Shifting to a new place, starting a new job, or changing your sleep and wake-up schedule are prominent causes.

Short Term Insomnia

The next is short-term Insomnia. It is the type which lasts around 1 to 6 months. It can be due to several reasons, like a traumatic incident like the death of your loved one or any condition like pregnancy or menopause. Its symptoms also vanish alongside the needs.

Chronic Insomnia

When Insomnia lasts more than six months, it is called chronic Insomnia. It is the last and most severe type, depending upon the duration. It is usually due to mental health conditions, certain physical conditions, nightmares, etc.

Insomnia Types Depending Upon Its Symptoms

This type of Insomnia is divided according to the symptoms patients feel while going through this situation. Following are the details based on this classification.

Sleep-Onset Insomnia

Sleep-onset Insomnia is the type where you feel difficulty sleeping. It means you are in bed, but you are unable to sleep. The duration is usually more than 20-30 minutes. It does not necessarily mean sleeping at night; it is whatever your sleep time. It may be during the morning for people who work at night.

Sleep-Maintenance Insomnia

The second type of Insomnia is sleep maintenance. As the name indicates, you have difficulty staging sleep in this type for more extended periods. You constantly keep waking up during your sleep while suffering from this type of condition.

Mixed Insomnia

The next type is mixed Insomnia. Here, you have difficulty falling and sleeping. It is a more severe condition than the first two types. Most people who have Insomnia are suffering from this type.

Paradoxical Insomnia

The next one is paradoxical Insomnia. In this type, you always feel you have slept less and should sleep more. It means you underestimate the time you have been sleeping. If you have slept for 6 hours, you will feel like three and need to sleep more.

Early Morning Awakening Insomnia

Early morning awakening Insomnia is the last type of Insomnia on our list. It means waking up well before the time you are supposed to wake up. Some people also consider it a part of sleep and not Insomnia. But mainly consider it Insomnia because the inability to get complete sleeping hours can affect your recovery and the next day’s performance.

Final Words

There are different types of Insomnia based on different classifications. The best way to treat it is to diagnose it with the right style, consult a doctor, and follow his given prescriptions or recommendations. Practicing good sleep hygiene will improve the quality of your sleep and aid you in dealing with all types of Insomnia.

Seek medical help as soon as you diagnose any type of these. Take great care of yourself, especially if you have chronic Insomnia, because it can have severe impacts on your life. You can never perform well in your work until you are not well-rested.

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